The silent letter 2

I wanted to know who could it be. Hurriedly i went to the security guard and asked whether he had written the name of the person who handed over the letter to him. The security guard replied that the person didn’t tell his name. Then i asked him how did he look like. He replied a bearded man wearing a pair of spectacles tall bulky looking as if he was in his mid 30s, had come with a royal Enfield bike to deliver the letter.

I sighed as I didn’t know such a person. I became more curious. Went to my desk and opened the envelope carefully.

8 responses to “The silent letter 2”

  1. As you are writing this, obviously, you are alive. Can we know more, please?


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    1. Yes story will continue…


  2. And then? You left me curious 😅🤭 waiting

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    1. Thanks for the read… Will reveal slowly

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  3. Ahhh… Waiting for the next part!!!

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  4. Silent letter continuation 👍🙏☺️. Waiting for 3rd edition

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