Regrets & Lost Potentials (aka: Глава 2769)

Perhaps, the biggest regret is never having enough time, or opportunity, to do everything that I feel I need or want to. Relatedly, my time (which is the same as to say *life*) being wasted, by myriad burdens and unnecessary banalities, false promises, guilt-trips, exploitations, communicable diseases I didn’t ask to breathe, sickness, war, agony, […]

Regrets & Lost Potentials (aka: Глава 2769)

2 responses to “Regrets & Lost Potentials (aka: Глава 2769)”

  1. Thanks for appreciating my work!

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  2. Wow, this speaks volumes, these “Likes”! The stupidity & banality of the system! … Why not, people, go read the actual piece of Art, the original, from which this came: in it’s proper context, depth, & place:глава-2769/

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