Falling in love

13 responses to “Falling in love”

  1. Beautifully crafted pieces. Love is a complex thing, but remarkable and valuable. ^_^

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  2. ❤️ Loveliest

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  3. Friar Lawrence in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tells Romeo “Young men’s love then lies / Not truly in the hearts, but in their eyes.” – Friar Lawrence.

    So true. First love for most men, young and old, is to fall in love with our eye first. If the relationship sticks long enough, that emotion will transform into a more lasting love leading to marriage or a turmoil of emotions leading to a separation and/or divorce.

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  4. Love cannot be quantified once it as passed the test of the eyes, for its depths is infinite… the test of the eye is as shallow as the next vision that passey by…!

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    1. Yes, the eye, or lust test, is only physical attraction. It often takes much longer to get to know a person enough to love them or walk away because that level of love never happens.

      But from all I have read and discussions I’ve had with so called experts, without passing the eye test, the physical attraction, the second step, deep love based on the depth of a personality learned over a long period of time, and not what they look like, doesn’t usually happen.

      Step one is almost always the eye test. Sometimes when the eye test fails, friendship may still be built and love blossoms over the long term, but that usually is rare compared to the shallow results of an eye test.

      For men, the eye test is built into our DNA for racial survival. Most men will lust after a woman without knowing who they are or even their name and are more than willing to have sex with that person they know nothing about except she passed the eye test.

      Most men can walk down a sidewalk in a busy shopping district and fall in love with their eyes with total strangers several times and forget about them not long after that brief look.

      I think it’s safe to say that’s why prostitution is the 2nd oldest profession and why the illegal slavery of so many young women kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery today is so prevalent.

      For many men, to desire a woman first, she must pass the eye test. If she fails that test, a man may not look back for a second sneak peak. But when an eye test fails and the man has no interest, he probably couldn’t preform anyway to insure the survival of the species.

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      1. Except that the ‘eye test’ can be more than just the physical eye… or the blind would be clarified as another class of man… lust is open to all men, and can be held at bay… only by man…!

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