It hurts

8 responses to “It hurts”

  1. It sounds quite frightening, Iswar, it is only imaginary?


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    1. Imagination entangled with reality
      But reality is much more spicy
      Taking the characters I will write a story..


  2. Sadly it’s not imaginary. Some people are like that.


    1. Sad to hear this as India is the country of my dreams. Perhaps, I live in a fool’s paradise. Don’t let anything bad happen to you!


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      1. Thank you so much 🙏. But damage has already done. But that person is the reason of my awakening. My eyes are opened. I trusted him like anything but he took advantage of that. He traded my trust.


      2. Most of the people in India are good. Some snakes are there who bite those good people. I assure you that you are not in a fool’s paradise. Anytime you visit India you talk to me. There are people who can make fool out of anyone.


    1. Thank you very much ❣️


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