After the sunset

This is something I have written in my mother tongue which is Odia. Below it’s translation in English.

Behind hill the Sun hides
Slowly rises the Moon in the sky
Back to their nests birds fly back
Drowns the poet in the sea of thoughts.

8 responses to “After the sunset”

  1. Please, Iswar, tell me more about the language of your mother, and yours.
    Which part of India do you live in? The verses are beautiful, thank you!

    PS. I live close to London, in England.

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    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.
      My mother tongue is Odia. We live in the state of Odisha. It’s towards the eastern part of India adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. Capital city of Odisha is Bhubaneswar and I am now residing in Bhubaneswar.

      You might be aware of the famous car festival in which lord Jagannath goes to his aunt’s home. This is Odisha/Orissa

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  2. Thank you, Iswar. I wrote about the difference between Sanskrit and Prakrit, from which Odia derives. Looking at the map of India I have located the area and even
    spotted where you might live. Rest assured I will never knock on your door!
    Thank you.


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    1. I would be glad if you come to our home. It will be my pleasure to welcome a friend like you..


  3. Odia… I don’t know this language but verses seems beautiful.

    Loved the poetry👏

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  4. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing!

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