Movie review Brahmastra

I gave ❤ 10% rating to Brahmastra Read all reviews about the movie:

This is a trash not a movie. Children can write better stories. Acting is pathetic as well as the dialogues. Don’t waste money as well as time.

9 responses to “Movie review Brahmastra”

  1. Cannot find the page! How are you, Iswar?


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    1. Hi Joanna. I am better now. This was Posted by mistake. I have to read all the posts I have missed and also I have to start writing. Slowly slowly I have to resume playing guitar. But I have to quit bike riding.


  2. Thank you, Iswar, for such good news!


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  3. thanks for the information

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  4. Thanks for sharing this Iswar, I feel the same about that film just by their promotions.


  5. Very good information well shared thanks ☺️


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